Mar 4, 2007

happy, happy, joy, joy!

as the blog par-tay continues, the management here at [random thoughts] just wanted to take a moment to tell you (in case you care) about what's making me oh, so happy today.

  • i have the house to mahself. can i get an amen? Husband is off to a car parts/accessories/cars for sale swap meet in Pomona. good time for him to do some male bonding and then off to work for an hour or so.
  • it is 9:52 PST. i have been up since 5. (this is the good part, not what time i got up) in this time i have shopped, laundered, shopped some more. currently my furbaby is marking a hand truck i used to help BadBackGirl carry all this crap i bought and laundered into my abode.
  • my new, glorious Target has a Starbucks in it. Starbucks. gadzooks, if they'd only add a Krispy Kreme, the circle of life would be complete for me.
  • did i mention the house all to myself? i did? dang.
  • Batman Begins is ready to go on the DVD. if i haven't mentioned, i am a card-carrying sucker for any and all comic book movies. this one is no exception. and Christian Bale? daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
  • today is the L.A. Marathon. i am NOT running it.
  • it's windy. March is in like a lion, and if i'da thought about it at the little slice of heaven called Target, i coulda bought a kite. then we could have some fun.

much to be happy about. what about you?

and while you're at it...a prayer or two for a friend of mine who had a little surgery recently. apparently she doesn't like the vicadin. whatever. i still like her.

may your day be as happy as mine.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Oh, Target + Starbucks = perfection!

I love those days of having the house to myself. Even if I do a little housework, it's still nice to do it without someone asking me "What are you doing?" every few minutes. And that's just Jason.

Christian Bale in Batman Begins - after Amanda and I came out of that movie, she said "I don't care what anyone says - Christian Bale isn't a bat, he's a fox!