Mar 8, 2007

there's a 3am now?

yep. i always thought it was a rumor, but it's true. there really is a 3 a.m. now.

i'm up for many reasons. the first one was that about 45 minutes ago, the Husband came to bed. (don't know if he fell asleep out here on the couch or not) since he doesn't come to bed gently and quietly, i'm sure that was a factor.

and the moon was right in my eye.
but that wasn't a pizza pie. big or otherwise.

so...what else is going on in the [Random Thoughts] universe?
* once again, i can hear the downstairs neighbor's TV. thankfully it's not as loud as it has been. but i gotta wonder: is this what i have to look forward to when i get older? oy.
* the Husband is is giving him a Crackberry, er, Blackberry. dang. just when i thought the Geek Utility Belt was getting pared down. (the GUB, so named by himself, not me, is all the crap he has on his belt: cell phone, Palm unit, and until recently, a pager[he's had a pager as long as i've known him])
* my mom is heading off today to a beach town today for a weekend of quilting. yep. quilting. apparently scrappers aren't the only ones who have weekend crops. and she's been doing this for the last three years.
* more Husband news...he drove up to Culver City last night (about 40 minutes on a good traffic day) for a work reception. i have no idea if it was fun or not; i was sleeping with the tv on.
*another perk of living in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal - we get to be the first in the nation for soooo many things.
like $3/gal. gas.
ain't we lucky?!
*oh, and i'll be giving a sales presentation next week. lucky, lucky me.

so, other than a mild insomnia, that's all going on in my world. what about your world?
just don't get up @ 3a.m. to tell us about it.


Melissa said...

So I'm not the only one married to a guy who is tied down to his gadgets? I promise, about 90% of Jason's time at home is spent either glued to a computer monitor or working with his Palm. After using an M100 he got at the Goodwill (yes, still in the package) for $30 about five years ago, he finally "upgraded" to a Zire in December. He gave me the M100, but I don't really see the need for the thing. It's just one more thing to carry, and I'd rather take my digital camera with me than that thing.

Oh, and the insomnia thing - I live about two blocks from the RR track here in town, and on more than one occasion I've been awakened by the sound of that lonesome whistle. And can't get back to sleep. It's enough to make me want to move back out to the country with my parents.

Valerie said...

oh, chickie...when i moved before i got married, my parents live behind a RR track, too...the whistle never bothered me nearly as much as the house shaking from the train going by. almost as bad as growing up by the Long Beach Airport's final approach. the planes went over our house all the time, i stopped hearing them after awhile, but my friends would totally freak out, especially since we could look up and see the Goodyear on the landing gear.