Mar 26, 2007

on weather and other things...

yes, kids..i'm here in Reno.
not Rio. Reno. the Biggest Little City in the West.

and dude. it snowed tonight.

now while Linda and Allison and all my other snowbound friends are rolling on the ground, laughing their butts off at me, we will ignore them to say it rocked.

totally cool to watch from the inside of a nice warm house, whilst i, the California Girl, was completely enamored and tried to take photos.

so if you know how to take photos of it snowing, let me know.

around 8pm, we drove down the hill from my sister-in-law's to Reno proper to pick up Cousin Marlen tonight. she's been flying since 3AM PST from Dublin to Atlanta to Reno.

and got stuck next to a man who, let's just say ate a LOT of broccoli before he got on the plane.
along with cabbage, soda, and every other gassy food/drink combo.

the oxygen masks should've been dispatched, i say.

so tomorrow, the real adventure begins.

we're taking her to Costco.

so as the snow was for me, Costco's gonna be for this girl.

more dispatches from the road.


Allison said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha YOU GOT SNOW.

Nah. I love snow. I wish it would come back! It was 83 here yesterday, and I would rather freeze my butt off walking to class than sweat it off.

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got some snow in this year! And glad your cousin made it in OK - gassy passengers notwithstanding.

Your post title made me think of that song - I think the Cowsills sang it - "The rain, the park, and other things."

Excuse me while I go put some flowers in my hair.