Mar 17, 2007

cameras at the ready...

you know how you should always have your camera ready for those unexpected moments?

and you don't?

i had one of those yesterday.

driving to get my meds, i just happened to look over to the curb and in the gutter was some water.

and about four little birds having the time of their lives.

they were splashing. chirping. basically a Kodak moment. me without a camera.

i entertained the thought of zooming back home, grabbing the camera and snapping a few, but realized the opportunity would be gone.

and i was so sad. but i still have it engraved in the memory book of my brain.

hopefully, when i'm old...way old...and can't even remember how old i am, that i can remember how freaking happy those birds were at their own water park in Buena Park.


april said...

awwwwwwwwwww!!! they probably didnt have a care in the world, did they?

Steff said...

I read in a parenting magazine that you should keep those disposable kind of cameras in the car, your purse, or the diaper bag (if you've got kids that young) for moments such as these. I carry a big purse so I often do have my digital with me. But, I can understand...moments that need to be captured on film are the ones that happen with you're without it.

doodlebugmom said...

I was driving home from work one day a few weeks ago, stopped to watch a bald eagle feasting on some road kill. He stopped and watched us, tilted his head back and forth. It was AMAZING! I still kick myself for not having mine that day.