Mar 14, 2007

short, whiney and uninteresting.

so if you wanna switch to another blog, i wouldn't blame you.

came home early from work today issues.

i feel like crap and i want my mommy. especially since Husband is not a good nurse. since he wants to be left alone when he's sick, he assumes that's what everyone else wants.

but on the good side, i just ate rice and it isn'

that's always a good thing.

so i promise to feel better and be more interesting and less me me me me tomorrow.


Susie Q said...

YOu feel better...Danny has had the flu for 3 days but hates being "nursed". What is it about guys?? I LIKE it!! : ) I am sending hugs for what they are worth!
I am trying to thinbk about what I say that is quoteable...I say Holy Moley and Holy Crap and Holy..well...other things all too often. That is quote worthy as I get. Think I will ever get wrotten up in a book?? either.

Wendy said...

Sorry you are feeling YUK!
I am with you on the boring blog list. You make me laugh everytime I read your blog.

Feel better soon.

Melissa said...

Hey - we all deserve a whiney "me me me" day now and again - especially when we aren't feeling our best.

Yay for non-returning rice! May it be a sign of things to (not) come back!

doodlebugmom said...

I hope you are feeling better today.

Pat said...

Sorry you're feeling skonklish - hubby came home with tummy issues tonight too. Hope he stays on his side of the room!