Mar 16, 2007

yellow's not my color OR is 8 hrs too long?

i actually like yellow. it's a bright, springy happy color that i look like crap in.
so i'm actually thankful i only had to wear it on a hospital band.

but i had to wear the bloody thing for eight hours.

eight freaking hours.

i'm not complaining because other people who were probably bleeding went ahead of me. it just seemed like last night the ER wasn't in it's "A" game. everything seemed behind and discombobulated.

and when they lost my, um, pee sample... well Gentle Reader, that just about pushed me over the edge.

thankfully they found it again.

but the burning question must be asked: how can you lose pee?

the verdict? gastroenteritis (a nice way of saying i have a stomach bug and i have to work it through) and a low grade infection that should be nipped in the bud by the antibiotics i need to go get.

i wasn't about to get it filled last night...wrong - this morning. poor Husband had to get some sleep.

well, actually - he got more sleep than i did.

we got there at 7pm. i was released @ 3:30. in the a.m.

i thought 3:30 a.m. only showed up when i couldn't sleep. at home.

so when i go get my prescriptions filled, i'm also picking up our corned beef for tomorrow.
i found a real honest to gosh butcher who takes orders for corned beef and will do it in their shop.

so regardless of how i feel about food right now, the Husband will at least eat good.
besides, how can i say no to fresh soda bread? hot? with butter?



doodlebugmom said...

Oh no! I can't believe you had to end up in the ER! =( And for so long. =(

I think its a hoot they lost your pee! =) You have to feel sorry for the poor soul that will stumble across that little bottle some day in the future.

I have only had a couple of ER experiences, I didn't have to wait so need to get a ride with flashy lights and sirens. You get faster service that way. lol

Get better fast hun!

Pat said...

Ugh - I hate hospitals!
Uh, lost pee? So, where did they find it and how did they know it was yours? Troubling questions my friend...
On the brighter side - soda bread! Yum!
(feel better soon!)

Valerie said...

oh, Pat my friend...they knew it was my pee because of the high concentrate of sarcasasm and smart-assyness (if that's even a word)

Pat said...

Wow! they can test for that now too?
Science is so amazing!

ha ha - you are too funny!

Melissa said...

I don't know why that it's scientifically impossible for an ER visit to be quick - I mean, you're there for an EMERGENCY!

And, one time my sister had to do a 24-hour urine sample. After all that trouble, they lost her pee too! They called a few months later and said they'd found it, but we were always suspicious.

Feel better!