Mar 2, 2007

it's a disco party all up in here.

let's see...

doritos? check.

salsa? check.

M&M's? check.

diet Coke? check.

sangria? check.

check that sangria is good? scheckkkk.

cocktail wienies? check.

cheese platter? che....OK, hold on - who ate on the cheese platter? Brendan, i'm looking at you!

disco ball & Bee-Gees albums? check and check.

OK - well, i think we're ready to get this party started! i am officially #407 in this blog party, and so since we all need name tags, i'll put mine on and bore you to tears with the nonsensical ramblings that many of my Gentle Readers (hopefully you'll be a new one - let me know!) have come to expect from me.

My name is Valerie. (and yes, i am gonna make you play the game where you need a food that starts with the same letter as your name. mine is Valencia oranges) i live in the OC where i am neither a teenager, or a horny housewife (shut up, April!) wearing Versace. i'm just a middle-aged broad who waited a long time for my husband. we exist quite happily with each other and our furbaby, Elvis the WonderKat.

i've live in Mostly Smoggy Southern California my entire life. i'm an only child, and no, i wasn't spoiled growing up. i'm a photographer who can't focus, a writer who's illiterate, an artist with no talent and a singer with double no talent. i love reading, scrapbooking, cross-stitching, the beach (de rigour for a native southern Californian) and creating nicer crap out of other crap.

i have no tan. i'm not skinny and my boobs are my own (three myths dispelled about all OC wives!)

thanks for stopping by. i hope you enjoy this station in your blog-party jumping. do sign the guestbook (aka - leave a comment!) so i can thank you again for checking me out!

happy party hopping. now i need to go start the Hustle dance lessons.


Susie Q said...

Can I come to your party??
I cannot hustle, talk too much if I drink, make a slob of myself when I eat potato chips and dip, tell really stupid jokes, can not sing worth a diddly...okay. I wouldn't invite me either!!

Have fun at your parteee...I hope you get lots of people passin' through. Will they all bring hostess gifts??

Oops, I forgot mine...gotta go get it...


Tracey said...

Hi Valerie, I'm Tracey and I like tiramisu. (actually, it's ok, it's just the first "t" word I could think of).

redmaryjanes said...

Hey there!! I'm signing up for the hustle dance lessons!! I'm a Blog Party girl here. You have a great blog. Visit mine if you find time..

Melissa said...

Hmm, what food starts with "M"?

Hey, what about m&ms? Now I know what I can say the next time I'm at a party and someone asks me that question.

BTW, thanks for the "Hustle" earworm Valerie!

Steff said...

This sounds like so much fun! I love what you said about creating nicer crap out of old crap. LOL!

Have a wonderful time and remember...don't drink and type! :)

Allison said...

Mmm sangria! We made that in Spanish (non-alcoholic, I swear!)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I've lived in Ohio *my* whole life, but my husband, two daughters and I did spend a week or so in So Cal for the wedding of a friend from college. He met his wife there while getting his Ph.D from Claremont Theological School.

I love reading, I'm getting back into cross-stitching, and I really like sangria!

Oh, and um, food. How about barbequed ribs?

it's me, Val said...

Hi Valerie, I'm Valerie, too! So great to meet you!!! Do people call you Val? It's so funny because in the past year I have now met 3 Vals. Before then, I think I had met just 1 other in my entire life! Your blog is great and I think I'm going to add it to my blogroll. I have to keep up on the other Vals in this world! :) Happy partying! And come see me if you'd like over at Purple Valley. :)

Wendy said...

Mine would have to be Watermelon

Enjoyed reading your blog, I love non conformist. (spl)

Turn up the Bee Gees & Party ON!!!

yours truly B said...

Hey Valerie: I am Billie and I like bananna nut bread. anyway love the blog so energetic and so full of life. I think this party thing is a great idea.
have a bubbly beautiful day:)

Chrystal said...

Love your banner!

Enjoy the party!

Jen said...

Hi Valerie nice to meet you.
I love reading and the Bee-Gees
A food I like that starts with the letter Jelly :)