Mar 5, 2007

an urban fairy-tale of sorts.

(warning: do not accept the following as gospel's some truth embellished for literary and entertainment purposes. that being said, we now return you to your regularly scheduled blog)

well, now don't that beat all.

i went to the grocery store today. my third time this week. i'm still getting used to cooking every.damn.night for us.

besides, it's too hot to bake a lasagna (apologies to everyone still up to their necks in snow).

i'm feeling rather young & hip today. cute, new top. matching earrings & bracelet. way cute shoes (that i have forgiven for spilling their dye all over my feet).

i know i'm not 20. or even 25. but at least i feel like it, not like i'm almost 45.

while checking out, the new courtesy clerk, is bagging my items, kinda nervously. it is, after all, his first day. when finished, he says, "thanks, ma'am - can i help you carry these out?"

"no thanks," i smile, then add my usual joke "but you can come help me carry them upstairs."

he grins a tin-filled grin. "sure, ma'am! i'd do that for my grandma."

why you little......

what the sam hill's a-goin' on here? i look like his grandma? yeah, if his mom is 20.

well, so much for all the Olay products, alpha-hydroxy and line reducers. first thing i'm gonna do when i get home is dump 'em in the trash, and cancel all my hair coloring, er...enhancing appointments for the rest of my life.

oh yeah, and go back to the store and beat the snot out of that kid with my AARP card & my walker.


doodlebugmom said...

Awww. You look awesome. Four times in the last couple years people have done that me! (ok not grandma, but added me to my parents and parent-in-laws generation.) Ugh! I just wonder how bad I look! LOL

Don't fret my dear. I know you are fabulous! And he was just a kid.

Allison said...

lol. I was mistaken for my brother's mom once. Now that was bad...