Mar 12, 2007

and you can quote me.

while waiting for a muscle relaxer to kick in (my legs are killing me. i wore heels today for my presentation to sales. ouch.), i started thinking about quotes.

not necessarily famous ones. no quotes from Kennedy, from Aristotle or even from W.

just things you say every day.

for example, my friend's mom is famous for "i don't care if it hair-lips every cow in Texas!"

and no, we have no idea what the heck it means.

apparently, mine is "oh for the love of God and all that is holy." usually said in an oh so sarcastic tone.

so what say you? what are you famous for? tell it!


Pat said...

I'm a "holy cow" kind of person. I tried saying "Holy Hogwarts" once, but it caused things to crash to the floor, and people to spew whatever was in thier mouths - had to abandon that one as a safety hazzard.

Valerie said...

i LOVE that, BTW!
but anything with "holy" in it needs to be followed by "Batman"
i.e.: "Holy Hogwarts, Batman!"

Pat said...

Ah! you've been talking to my grandaughter! (total batman freak, that one!)

doodlebugmom said...

oops! why can't I get my comments to work more time...

I say "holy crap" I know I got it from Frank Barone!

One I used to use on my kids "Don't fight with me, because you won't win."