Mar 12, 2007

one of these things is not like the other...

as is known here in Mostly Smokey Southern California (we have a big brush fire going on about 25 miles from us, and with the wind blowing just right - or wrong - it's like living in an ashcan.), we have no history. many times, buildings of some significance ("On This Site in 1942, So-and-So passed on the screen rights to 'The Godfather' screenplay") are torn down to build a parking lot

see? Joni Mitchell was right. they paved paradise to put up a parking lot.

but today on my drive home from hell,, i saw a banner stretched across the street in Hawaiian Gardens.

BTW - don't get all dreamy-eyed. the city is neither Hawaiian nor Garden-like.

City Anniversary - Join in as we celebrate our 43rd year!

what th'...

yep. it's true. i am actually older than a city. that's depressing.

now, i also know that there are many little cities in southern OC that are only in their 30s. i just choose to not think about it.

on the plus side, i have to admit, i look better than most of Hawaiian Gardens.

well, except for my butt.

in other news....

Saturday, we spent most of the day waiting for the tire store to get a tire transferred so Brendan could get one replaced.

oh joy.

in the interim, Husband went outside to the work area, being that the guy working on his car, apparently wasn't putting on the wheel right.

how can you screw that up?

anywhoooo...i went outside, being that i was freezing my Hawaiian Gardens sized butt off in there. and near their parking lot was a little grass island, with a light pole and a small pine tree.

i sat on the pole base, enjoying the sun and whatnot, when i noticed a ladybug on the tree.

and another. and another. and...

the entire tree was blooming with ladybugs.

luckily, i brought my camera.

i now consider myself the Ansel Adams of the entomology world. never mind the fact that i took 15 crappy pictures to get these.

i'll let you know when my gallery opens.


Susie Q said...

These are amazing! See? Eve in a not so great day or moment, something that sweet can appear. Really cool pictures....
you just tickle my funny bone so girl...

Love ya,

Pat said...

Well, it was worth the effort - thse photos are awesome!