Mar 1, 2007

someone needs t'learn yew some man-ners.

stop me if i've told you this:

i was asked by The Big Boss to give a presentation on my job and how it involves everyone to be on page with what they're supposed be doing.

at the end of the presentation, i ask "Does anyone have any questions?"

and from the back of the room, a guy i've worked with since i started asks (trying to be funny), "Yeah, what's your real hair color?"

nice. and he's married. what a catch.

"i'll tell you when you tell me where you got your hair plugs."

in other news...

i heard on the news today that charges were being dropped against a UC Riverside student who was cussing here at John Wayne Airport, near some kids.

so now of course, she's gonna sue the OC.


probably she shouldn't have been charged in the first place, but then again, my humble opinion is that a 26 year old grad student shouldn't be dropping the F-bomb, especially near some kids.

effing dumb a$@.

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Allison said...

College is bad. I swear way more than I used to... although not as much as some! But really, it's not that hard to control yourself in public.