Mar 8, 2007

Why I Love Working - an Essay

(don't worry. it'll be short.)

i love working because of the challenge each new day brings. Every day is a chance for me to be able to face new obstacles and find a new way to meet them head-on.

i also appreciate the people i work with. Every day, they do everything they can to make my job easier and smoother, so i can leave at the end of a day with a smile on my face, head held high that i have done worthwhile work each and every day.

Oh, and of course there's the money, but i wouldn't be so crass as to say i only work for money.

Come now.

Today was one of those days where i was damning the powers that be because WE didn't win the lotto. And if they had come by and said they were eliminating my job, well, i'd-a had my desk packed up before they got their little speech of how "this isn't a reflection on your work, but just a matter of budgets, blah, blah, blah."

Then, to have my new supervisor rebuke me because i didn't ask for help. Oh, my bad...first off, i hate asking for help, and secondly, who would i have asked? You, oh supervisor, were busy having someone else in our group work a special project so she couldn't get her job done, my old supervisor is coming in nights (and wasn't much help even when she was my supervisor), and the other two were doing other projects as well.

Besides, (i thought to myself) the Big Boss has stated on more than one occasion, when any of the supervisors see how many ads i have incomplete on a day is over 20, they are to jump in and help me clear reports. No asking necessary.

But no one seems to remember that. Because i'm so good at what i do. (but really because no one wants to do my job.)

So i get my hands slapped while i'm so freaking frustrated, i can't even look at him, because i know i'll start crying.

Ain't it great to be a girl??

i get tired of complaining about the same thing over & over. i have people at my department that will seriously look me in the eye and say "i didn't know it was a rush. it wasn't tagged." never mind that you get a memo every day that says what is going to press that day. my bad it wasn't tagged.

What i want to do, is every time i find someone not working in priority, is make them work my reports for even half a day.

They'd be soooo happy to go back to their normal job, they'd be dancing...and likely never EVER work out of order again.

**sigh** i guess if you've read this far, then you deserve a "get out of jail free" card. So instead, i'll give you a "get out of a whining blog entry" card.

TGI[almost]F, kids.

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Jolene George said...

Thank you so much for the E card. That was very sweet! I can't wait to be a good blogging buddie with you again....soon! off to bed!