Mar 9, 2007

turn out the lights...the party's over...

so today's the last day of the blog party. for me, it seemed to start with a BANG but is ending with a whimper.

if you played, what did you think? did you make any new friends this week?


i'm looking for some ideas for something quick to do over the weekend. any weekend. i'm dealing with some serious cabin fever.

we haven't taken a vacation since...crap! 2004. we usually go in October (kids are back in school, weather has cooled, but isn't too cool), and in '05 i had my surgery, then last year B was having some rough times @ work, so he didn't feel right going off for a week.

so what can be done in a weekend? (don't say Vegas, we've got gas at almost $3/gal, and i don't wanna spend money to spend more money once i get there)

ideas. i need 'em. happy Friday, all!


doodlebugmom said...

I have no idea what to do for a fun weekend in sunny so Cal. My idea of a fun weekend is staying home (yep I am offically a hermit now!) How bout a museum? the zoo? or cozy up on the couch with some old movies? See? I told you I have no idea!

Whatever you do, have a good one!

Susie Q said...

I dunno...Santa Barbara? San Diego or is that too far??
I used to love drive up HIghway 1 and we would stop when we were real agenda. That was fun. It is just so beautiful...
But I am a dolt so whadda I know?!! I hope you get to get away somewhere for a little bit. You DESERVE to do that...both of you!!
Have a sweet weekend!

Lissete said...

Not sure what you're into but how about a 3 or 4 day cruise? Or maybe drive to Monterey or Cambria to tour the Castle if you haven't already done that. I know that we don't do the touristy stuff in our own home town so it's a thought. :)