Mar 16, 2007

i got meds!

and meds are goooooooooooooood.

these were the first meds (and medical visit) since we changed insurance at work. so imagine my surprise when, at Walgreens, the pharmacist told me my total was $138.

onehundredthirtyeight dollars. American.

for 15 pills.

oy. i have no idea how anyone without health insurance does it.

oops. the pharmacist says. apparently the tech who took your info missed a digit or two off your card.


so i feel better. then i feel hungry, sort of. so i make some toast.

and i feel nauseous all over again.
so i take the little pill that makes me un-nauseous.

if that's even a word.

and it works.

chemists ROCK.

in other discoveries made today...

the Husband called to let me know that if you order a coffee with a shot of espresso, it's called a Red Eye.
if you order one with two shots, it's called a Black Eye.

he only has a Red Eye today.


april said...

I dont know how people without insurance do it---I guess they just dont. My monthly migraine meds are $86 a month. Or $6 a pill without insurance. I take 3 pills a day---you do the math.

Glad you're feeling better---or at least un-nauseated!!

Susie Q said...

I am so sorry you have been through this...I had something like this a year ago and it ain't purty. I think you will start to feel better now that those meds kick in...then you can really heal.
Sending hugs and happy thoughts...
or is that what you do to save a fairy?? Nah, that is clapping hands right? Okay, whatever...FEEL BETTER!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Modern medicine does so much to help us, but it's so expensive as well. Lots of work put in to get this far in medicine, I suppose.

doodlebugmom said...

Yeah medicine!