Aug 2, 2006

guest Random Thoughts....

before you freak, it's OK. I know the author. Just a little something she's working on & I said I'd blog it to see if she gets any comments...Like the blizzard of comments I get. But hey, this isn't about me...It's about her. Take it away, Dee.

"Do you think George Clooney sings his own stuff?"

I sigh inaudibly and shoot a glance at my sister, staring out the window of my car. We're driving down to San Diego, then on to Mexico for some really good Mexican food.
She's weird. Lord only know what'll come out of her mouth sometimes.

"I mean, do you think he's one of the Soggy Bottom Boys?"

At this point, I've decided she's lost it. Maybe I would be better off having her committed at an asylum before this trip gets even weirder.

"What are you talking about, Christine?"

Christine turns to me with all the attitude of a teenage girl...Which wouldn't be so bad except that she's 31 AND my older sister.
"Soggy Bottom Boys? 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' George Clooney? Is any of this familiar, or are you too high brow for such common movies?"

Sarcasm, thy name is Sister.

"Come on," I yell, trying to keep my eyes on the thundering traffic on the freeway. "Cut me some slack here! Take a Midol, or something - just get an attitude adjustment, willya?"

We drove on in silence for a few more miles, when Christine piped up again.

"If he didn't sing it live, do you think it was lip-synched?"

I realize now how our mother must have felt. I've never understood her. I never will.
It's going to be a long trip and I wonder if I can make it to the rest stop without killing her.

from the work in progress My Life - My Gawd. Dee Menchia.

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doodlebugmom said...

"Take a Midol or something..."


Holy crap crack me up!