Aug 5, 2006

Oranges to Another Day...

If i had a choice between gainful employment or gainful unemployment, i of course, will take Employment for $5000, Alex.

But after this week....well...suddenly, selling oranges at a freeway offramp doesn't seem like such a horrible idea.

Everyone has bad days..bad weeks even. Welcome to reality, right? And i'm not naive enough to think that i'm the only one this happens to.

It just feels that way sometimes.

The one wonderful thing about a bad day, is that it ends. Every day you get a new chance to start over.

It just takes longer to get that bitter taste out of your mouth.

At work, we've been planning a surprise birthday party for the Queen Boss. Collecting money from the masses. Selecting sandwich platters from Albertson's. Getting chocolate for the chocolate fountain (yay!). Going to Costco for chips. Lots of chips.

The Queen Boss' secretary took over from me collecting the money. Yesterday, she decided that she had too much money in proportion to people marked paid. So, of course i must have done something wrong in my record keeping.

Possibly. I ain't perfect. But cash is one of those things where i try to be beyond accountable. And especially when i kept a separate list, sorted by supervisors of who's paid.

Earlier in the week, my supervisor told me that my emails weren't "professional" enough. What she's looking for is, in my opinion, not my style. She wants a very cut & dried prose. Let's face it, cut & dried aren't two words you'd use to describe me.

But on the other hand, i also don't send emails like this:
"Yo dawg. Get your freak on & be done with the freakin' copysheet in your hou-uze. Fer shizzle."
There's other things that went on. But not only do i want to rehash it, i don't want to bring you down. I need all the readers i can get.

It's all OK. So i got my feelers hurt. My ego bruised. I'm moving on. Because again, every day, you get another chance to start over. To do things different. To move on & be better.

And, since Scarlett O'Hara is one of my literary heroes, i quote her mantra: Tomorrow is another day. She moved on. She survived the Civil War & Reconstruction for the love of Pete.

I believe i can survive the smack downs going on in my life.

Peace out. It's another day.

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