Aug 15, 2006

what's the world coming to?

Is the End near?

Have gas prices dropped to dizzying lows?

Am i suddenly blond & skinny?

Because i came home yesterday to find my DH watching Lifetime - Television for Women.

That is not a typo.

My darling husband...who refuses to wear pastel shirts...who eschews the local Love Song radio watching some gawd-awful show on Lifetime.

What the Sam Hill.

I had to leave the room. Not only to stop my laughing, but because my teeth were hurting, it was so sweet.

Come on. i KNOW i still have Dog on the DVR. Anything would be better.

But Lifetime? Have mercy.

Next thing you know he'll call our satellite provider to get the Soap Opera channel put on our package.

I'm off to bed.

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