Aug 18, 2006

i *heart* photo software

i do, i do, i do, i do.

really, really, really.

i can modify the colors and turn a crappy photo with too much light in to a fairly well developed photo.

or, put a hue filter on it (like the bottom photo) & viola! it looks like a float in the Main Street Electrical Parade.

it's Microsoft Digital Suite, iffn' you're interested. Does a lot of the things Photoshop does, but obviously at much less the price.

for instance...

i have a photo i took in Philadelphia, of a field in the back of my hotel. Only problem, it had a drainage ditch & phone wires in it. But all i had to do is go into the program, and circle the parts i didn't like..and like magic, they're gone. Leaving only the sweet meadow surround it, by copying parts of the field around it.

i love stuff that makes me look smarter & more talented than i really am.

now if only i can find some software that makes me about 30lbs thinner, so i wouldn't have to rejoin WW.

hell. i'd pay full retail for that.

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