Aug 10, 2006

i'm an optimistic pessimist.

Anne Frank once said "Deep down, I truly believe that people are still good at heart."

That, my friends, is faith.

i, however, don't have that kind of faith. The events of today in Great Britain make me believe otherwise.

Call me naive, but i just don't get how people can interpreted their Faith in God - whoever they call God - as reason or excuse to kill people.

So now, again because of a-hole zealots, i and millions of travelers cannot carry bottles of water on a plane, we need to buy shampoo when we get to our destination AND new mothers will have to drink their baby's formula in front of TSA officials.

Talk about nasty stuff.

What if they breast feed? Will the mom have to spontaneously lactate to prove she's not AlQuida?

Whatever. I know these people are trying to protect "us" from "them," but sometimes, please - a little common sense is in order.

Other things shaking my faith in mankind...across the street from Casa de Us, is a little mini mart. The nicest man & his wife running the place. i'd go for milk, eggs or that last-minute lotto ticket.

They got robbed Tuesday. He was shot. Along with a customer who walked in later.

Wrong place, VERY wrong time.

The criminals (probably misunderstood & didn't get the Nintendo game he wanted as a kid - which is why they turned to a life of crime) came in the store, asked for cigarettes, and when the owner of the store turned to get them, the a-holes shot him.

The owner was soooooooo smart. He fell down & played dead.

A-holes took the register, then when the other guy came in, they shot him. Both are expected to survive, but Moe (the owner of the store) will probably lose his eye.

The entertainment factor came when the gas station next to the market has been overrun with members of the Fourth Estate & their newsvans. Watching a story unfold & reporting it to the masses. And my neighbors are outside watching the whole thing.

It's a party in Buena Park.

The story does have a good ending...the a-holes turned themselves in last night to the police.

Hey. Maybe there still is some good in people after all.

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