Aug 27, 2006

having problems in decision making?

or is it just my household?

Two thing occurred to me the other day: 1) Hubbs & i, even as adults, are at times incapable of making even the simplest decision. Dinner, for example. The conversation goes like this:

me: So, where do you want to go for dinner tonight?

Hubbs: i don't know. What sounds good to you?

me: i'm not sure. i'm not sure anything sounds outstanding.

Hubbs: Well...what about chickie? (insert chicken sound here)

me: no.

Hubbs: Beefie? (insert mooing here, and yes, he will say beefie)

me: hmmmmm...keep that on the backburner.

Hubbs: Fishie? (no fish sounds, that would be weird. He makes a swimming fish with his hands)

me: Possibly. Where? (we have two local fish restaurants we really like; one has an extensive selection, the other a much smaller selection)

Hubbs: Well, then let us consult The Coin of Wisdom!

(Here's number two: we are so incapable of decision making at times, we have to flip a coin to see where we'll eat dinner. Holy fickle people, Batman. )

So one of us will pull out a quarter (has to be a quarter or a larger coin. Don't ask why, i'm positive i don't want to discuss that in therapy), decide which restaurant is for which side and flip it.

And yes, The Coin of Wisdom's decision is final and absolute. But you would think that two fully grown, somewhat educated adults would have the smarts to make a bloody decision. Especially over something as simple as dinner.

Or maybe not.

Let me get a quarter out.

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