Aug 29, 2006

i could have sat all night....

my's freaking tight as hell.

so i stopped at a nail/spa place on the way home to inquire if they did neck/shoulder massage.

oh you betcha. 15 minutes for 12 dollars.

a bargain at half the price. my massuse asked if i wanted to keep going for 1/2 an hour.
more than life itself. fear was that i wouldn't be able to drive home.

oh boy. totally fun.

i want more. more, more, more.

hey - there's always tomorrow, right?

in other news...

started WW again last week, so last night was the first weigh in...
me: down 3.4
him: down 4.4

Hubbs was really surprised & pleased..he ran out of points at one day. so now i'm confident he's seeing that it's something he can stick with.

stay tuned...

oh and on the way home, i saw this on the sign outside a church on my way home:

We support the separation between church & hate.


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doodlebugmom said...

Yeah for you guys!

My hunny signed me and him up for a wellness program at work. I was not thrilled, but a 30% savings on the health insurance premiums is too good to pass up.....even if they do have to draw blood...oh i hate that! Its all free and i am cheap. Well, actually just poor. So maybe I can lose some too!