Aug 18, 2006

finally Friday -

and although this happened yesterday, i feel it merits mention.

Worked a 1/2 day yesterday to meet up with our friends at Disneyland - the Crowdest Place on Earth. Actually, it wasn't too bad yesterday and my crowning achievement was that on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, i beat both crack shot a large margin. (the ride is best described as riding through a shooting gallery, shooting laser guns at targets throughout the ride, while you destroy Emperor Zurg's power) Don't think i wasn't proud!

So - i told you that story to tell you this story.

Before i left work, i went in to the office where we store our work..did some filing, some sorting, and i'll now stop boring you with those details. Came back to my desk and noticed something weird sounding, coming out of my radio.

It was Prince "i would die 4 U". On the country music station i usually listen to.

What th'...?

So at first, i thought the station tuning moved. Nope, it's the correct setting. Well, it can't be April Fools...what th'?

So later on, i find out that at 10a.m. yesterday, the only country music station in the Southern California area, switched from country to "movin'" music. And later on, Rick Dees will be hosting the morning show on "The New Movin' 93.9"

What th'.....?!

So the only other station i know of is out in San Bernardino..i can get it on my radio, but i'm bugged already. See, their mascot is a frog, so there's a lot of ribbiting and "have a froggy morning!" crap going on.

Just play my damn Keith Urban, and leave the frog behind.

i just don't get it. The station's website says that soon the station will be streaming on the internet and playing country. So, it'll be dance music on the radio, but country on the internet? The station claims to be "America's Most Listened to Country Station."

Maybe it's not the most profitable one.

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