Aug 25, 2006

getting your mind out of the toilet.

Are you one of those that believes things happen in threes? You know, celebrities seem to go in threes. sidenote: if i were a celebrity, i would start worrying when my comprades started to go. after all, i could be next.
Things just sometimes happen in threes. Could be coincidence, could be not.

Then again....

Yesterday morning, while drying my hair, i leaned across to the Husband's bathroom to ask him something. Something caught my eye as it flipped through the air.

It was a picture my father in law took, in the early 70's. It landed safely on the sink. However, the name badge he wore when he worked for the Walt Disney Co., wasn't so lucky.

It plopped smack dab in the toilet.

This is the third time i've had something flop in the can. Twice at work, i've had my company badge do a one and a half with a twist (i'd give that dive a 9.0, Mel) in the bowl.

Thankfully, it's happened after the flush.

The first time, i seriously considered leaving the badge in there. Then i realized that it would probably cause a clog, and since my name & picture are on it...well...i'd better go fetch it.

i'll tell you this: my arm has a mind of its own and did not want to go toilet diving. i made up to my arm by scrubbing about four layers of skin off, then gave it a good soaking in anti-bacterial hand gel.

Imagine my joy when the same thing happened a few weeks later.

i've gotten smart. Now, i take the bloody thing off before i go answer the Call of Nature.

Then came yesterday.

Again, at least it was a clean toilet, but still. Gross.

So this time, i got a hanger out of the closet & fished it out. After a refreshing bath in rubbing alcohol, it was ready to go back to its rightful spot in the knick-knack shelf in my bathroom.

Three times the charm, right? This could be the end of my career as a toilet diver.

Or i'll just secure all loose items before boarding. Happy Friday.


Melissa said...

Well, my brother, dad, and mom have all had cell phones fall prey to the toilet.

My brother was talking to his then-girlfriend now-wife on his (while using the toilet! Gross!) and it fell in. The other two just had theirs fall out of their pockets. Needless to say, all three were ruined.

And, at least you could get your stuff out - my boss's wife was two hours away from home when she flushed her car keys down the toilet at a furniture store. He had to drive up to her and go to the local Toyota dealership to have another set made.

Bonnie said...

My mother always said BAD things happen in threes. I remember the saying well, because one summer one of the three things was me falling off my bike an dislocating my arm.

I have been a nanny for years, so having to fish things out of the toilet are one of my "specialties".

I am so OCD, I use the anti~bacterial gel afterwards too...but I have considered bleach.

I was right there with you all the way on this post....LOL