Aug 20, 2006

i know it sounds weird...

but i really enjoy doing laundry.

weird, huh?

Sunday mornings, i head over to our local mega laundromat. it's HUGE - everything from single load washers to 10 loaders. . .6 dryers that'll hold a gazillion loads, and a million dryers that hold lotsa loads.

i don't mind laundromats...i like the fact that in the time it takes most folks, at home, to wash & dry one load, i can do five.

gotta love that.

and...i LOVE Tide with Febreze. which matches the Downey with Febreze and Bounce with Febreze.

so even after sitting in my closet for a week, my clothes still smell like they just got washed.

gotta love that even more.

here's hoping your Sunday is filled with things that make you happy.

1 comment: said...

I like doing laundry at the laundromat too, and I was so excited when the Tide with Febreze came out. I keep Febreze on hand at all times!