Aug 8, 2006

labled by the internet.

Hmmm....tattoos. Interesting.
(you reading, baby?)
(sarcastic comments courtesy of you-know-who)

Your Scientific In-tele-gence Profile:Because you are a quick-witted individual (huh?)
and like to keep things moving along, you have an easier time keeping up with faster-paced television shows than most. You love rapid-fire dialogue because it fits in perfectly with your outgoing nature and witty communication style (so you're saying i'm hyper, right?).
You’re also a multi-tasker, so chances are you don’t have just one favorite show!We think you’d like: The First 48 and Inked

Your Tele-visionary Emotional Profile:You’re still a child at heart (only at heart? i've been called immature before, bruddah) and have a knack for turning any dull situation into a fun time for all. (Sure. just add beer)
You thrive on group discussions—and thanks to your eloquence and creativity, they thrive on you too! (OMG. i'm hosting parasites.)

Try this: Host an Inked party. “Ink” your guests the moment they walk in the door by stamping them with a rubber stamp and ink pad. Gather a wide variety of temporary tattoos and tape them to the wall of your “parlor” (or have guests bring their own designs to display!). Put 2 empty jars on a table.
Have each guest write their name on a slip of paper and drop them into the first jar. Then put an equivalent number of temporary tattoos in the second jar. Take turns drawing names from the first jar.
The guest whose name comes up has to reach into a second jar and blindly pick out a tattoo that they then have to wear—regardless of the design! Encourage those who have real tattoos to “reveal” how they got it and what it means to them.
Take photos and compile them into a tattoo gallery scrapbook. (oh darn. A&E wants me to scrap)

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