Aug 22, 2006

the family that diets together -

- becomes bitchy together.

Wouldn't you agree?

So last night, Husband & i headed on over to my local WW center, and signed up. At least it was a little more budget friendly, since it was free registration...and since it was free registration, 20, 000 people were there to sign up.

So there you go.

i'm a little worried, because i don't feel the same sense of urgency that i did when i joined in January. Maybe i needed a little break. Maybe a fresh start will do me good.

Or not.

Today it begins. A return to the carrots. The celery. The lots & lots of water & frequent trips to the ladies room.

Not only that, but guys seem to lose weight faster & easier than we do. So i'll also be dealing with Husband losing a gazillion pounds in the time it'll take me to only lose 10.


It's OK. i just keep reminding myself that i need to do it. It's healthy. i'll feel even better. And by the Grace of God, i will avoid the most horrible consequence of all: being back in the hospital to have my back worked on again.

Hey - those carrots don't seem so bad after all. Wish us luck!


doodlebugmom said...

god luck. I should go with you. But I hate carrots.


Doug Bagley said...

Thus the reason I exercise, lol. I love food!

Slim Suzy said...

It is healthy and you will feel better. Are you counting points or NoCount? You know that if you count points you can add a few treats in so it doesn't seem so bad. It is great that you are both doing it together.
Good luck with it.