Jul 31, 2006

when you think it's all figured out...

When you think you've got the person you're married to down - no more surprises..

Here comes a good curve ball.

Earlier this week, Hubbs has been talking about some BBQ joint he thought we should try on Sunday..Out in Ontario, CA (about 40 minutes from Casa de Us). Hey, no problem. i'm all about good BBQ.

So yesterday, we had a busy day: my stepbrother wanted to have breakfast with us before he left to move back east. We drove down to Oceanside. After coming home, i finally printed some pictures from Philadelphia.

Then about 4, Hubbs wants to know if i'm ready to go eat.

What th'....

Are we so old now that we're trying for the Senior/Early Bird special?

Oh, and take your camera & is that what you're going to wear?

Now i'm pissed. Since when has he ever cared what i wear to dinner..Unless we're going to Ruth's Chris'. Apparently, jeans are better than the cargo pants i'm currently wearing, so i change. And, we're off.

On the road, Hubbs keeps checking his watch. Weird. He's usually late to everything, so why suddenly the concern with time? AND WHY AM I BRINGING MY CAMERA??

We arrive at Ontario Mills, a HUGE mall. It's a summer weekend, so, of course, it's packed and parking is a mess. But, we finally get parked, and start walking to the mall, passing by the entrance to the Improv comedy club. On the marquee, i can see a comedian we like and i comment on it...And Hubbs says, "yeah, but look who's here tonight."

Christopher Titus. Cool.

And he walks me towards the box office.

Well, bowl me over with a feather.

See, Titus' website had him in Brea around my birthday, but the schedule got changed, so when Hubbs tried to buy tickets, it was all for naught. Then - last week, he just went on the website, and saw Titus coming to Ontario. Tickets were purchased.

And i was surprised.

So, the moral of the story - just when you think you've got it (and them - guys or girls) all figured out, surprise!

May all your surprises be good ones. Happy Monday!


Doug Bagley said...

How sweet. Some day I hope to find someone that thoughtful, and when you get us guys figured out...let us in on it, will ya? lol

doodlebugmom said...

Wow! What a sweetie you have there Val!

He should give lessons to the romance-challenged husbands out there! ( OK...yeah...I mean HERE..and you knew it! LOL)