Jul 22, 2006

holy sweaty crotchal areas, Batman.

it's hot.

it's humid.

it's not possible for me to post without whining.

i know - it's hot other places, but it's so freaking hot.

and humid.

that's what sucks, i believe. the heat would be OK if it weren't so bloody humid.


it was bad enough to force me into my new bathing suit & go down to the pool.

along with about 3 teenagers.

and later two guys in their 20's.

whatever. if they haven't seen a fat chick in spandix by now, then they haven't freakin' lived.

now, i'm even sucking up & turning on the air conditioner...which is useless, in a way, because where it's positioned, it's across from a wall. so it really does NOTHING to cool the living room.

however, if you stand a foot away from our fireplace, you can feel it.

yup. nothing but the finest in efficient appliances for us.

however - i do believe that the heat has effected my step-pop. he is now officially insane.

my mom just told me that they were having salmon for dinner. and he's cooking it in the oven.

not in a microwave. not in a toaster oven. not even in a brick oven. but a gas oven in the house.


oh, they don't have air conditioning, either.

i'll call the asylum. stay cool.

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