Jul 4, 2006

did i not just get home?

and i'm leaving again?

sheesh. you'd think i was important. not.

i'm off again to Valley Forge..a week & a half this time. all by myself, too, so i get to be a big, brave girl - - i hope. the one good thing about this is that i'm staying over a weekend (if you can call that good) but THIS time i'll get to go someplace: Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Hershey (hey - you gotta love a city that has the top of their street lights shaped like Kisses). i'll get to see something besides the office & hotel, with a restaurant in the middle.

sad that Hubbs won't come out for the weekend. oh well. there's a lot on his plate with the family, his mom's passing, and well, i think a little PMS-ing to boot (him, not me).

so forgive if i'm erratic in postings. say a prayer for me flying (i hate it!) and that i won't let anyone down in either of the offices. i'm a little nervous about being on my own out there.

peace out. hope your Glorious Fourth was Safe & Sane.

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