Jul 17, 2006

altho' i love my own bed...

in my own place with my own husband & cat...

there is something sooooo "princessy" about having the "staff" make my bed, clean my bathroom & generally straighten up.

gotta love that.

got in Friday, had lunch with Husband before he took off for work. didn't do much of anything yesterday except nap (soooo nice. except when it's hot & humid like it is here, then you end up sweaty & gross). unpacked & straightened up yesterday, got a pizza for dinner & watched a movie till all hours.

life is good, no?

took today off to spend with Hubbs, now it's a matter of deciding what to do. Disneyland? movies? mini golf? ah the choices are endless, and with neither of us capable of making a decision, well, we're probably screwed.

oh, and did i mention we're watching "Amazing Stories" on SciFi?

if you've never seen the show, it was Spielberg attempt to bring back the old comic book version of basically the Twilight Zone, but much lighter. sometimes downright funny.

oh, and season one comes out on DVD next Tuesday. hmmmmm.....there might be a shopping trip in my future.

but not today. today is all about us.

ain't i the selfish one?

peace out. i be representing the sweaty contingent here in So.Cal.

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