Jul 7, 2006

i so want to play hookey...

but no. not me.

here in Valley Forge, PA. it's bee-u-tee-full out today, very little humidity, the breeze is blowing AND I'M FREAKING STUCK INSIDE AT WORK!!!!!


there. better.

just counting the hours till i'm outta here today, then begins my frantic tourist trips. feel free to call me crazy, but here's what i wanna do within two days:

* Independence Hall/Liberty Bell
* Philadelphia Musuem of Art (hey - can you say the "Rocky" statue? i'm such a hick)
* Valley Forge National Park
* Gettysburg
* Hershey Chocolate World
* HersheyWorld (yep, like DisneyWorld)
* Amish Country

ain't no way. well, at least i've got reservations for Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell. across from all that is something called the National Constitution Center but i have no idea what that's all about & their website doesn't offer the info i'm looking for. so, if you know, leave me a comment so i can check it out.


hick, thy name is Valerie.

i know, i've seen deer before, zoos, petting zoos, etc. but live out in the open romping through the forest deer? naah. so i saw two of them. scampering. just like Bambi, but without the rabbit, skunk & owl. oh and a huge flock of geese. just moseying like they've got nothing else to do.

wait. they probably don't. wish i was a goose. ;o)

back to work. happy Friday everyone!

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doodlebugmom said...

I can't wait til you see a skunk!


Hope you get to do all the fun stuff this weekend.