Jul 21, 2006

work sucks...but i need de bucks.

why do we work?

never mind the standard answers: for food. rent. mortgage. bills.


and also how did the whole concept of one person working for another come about?


why do i ask impossible questions?

maybe because it's Friday, and i've got to go in tomorrow.

maybe i'm just wishing we could win the lotto, and pay off everything for everyone we know, then travel the world.

maybe because it's soooo bloody hot here. and humid. miserable does not even begin to describe it.

maybe because i feel i'm losing my mojo on all things creative - and work has been such lately that there's not much time to be creative, much less think about it.

maybe i'm just rambling.

i need a creativity break.

but it's toooooo dammmmm hottttttttttttt.

think i'll imagine myself out on a snowy hillside. icy cool breezes blowing. me wishing i had another sweatshirt.

dang. THAT was a buzz-killer.

happy Friday, y'all.

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