Jul 19, 2006

stop the insanity...

OK - so you know we got a new laptop.

it's all things to all people. it ROCKS!

and i forgot how cool it is to type on a new keyboard...lotsa spring to the step.

or fingers.

but...lately in the a.m., i've been online. checking email. checking blogs. checking stuff out.

and losing time.

now see, the smart thing to do would be to get ready for work, then spend the time on the 'net.

but noooooooo. i goof around on it until it's so late that if i don't get moving, i will be late for work.

not good.

this. must. end.

i'm too old to tell my boss that i was late because i was on the internet. it's not like it's a new thing...especially for me.

oooh. gotta go. "Dog" is back on.

you are an obsession...you're my obsession...

1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

Shhhh. I have been late for work because of internet play. I didn't tell them that tho! lol

Linda :o)