Jul 25, 2006


the whole state is about to implode, i believe.

the highs in some valleys here in Mostly Sunny So. Cal. is around 108.

eh. no big, right?

but it is still SO humid. that's what's killing us.

and it still ain't right when it's 5a.m. & already 76 degrees.

in other news...

took a half day yesterday, but wasn't planning on it. our system was down when i got in @ 7, and at 10:30, didn't look like it was coming up for many more hours (our networks are based in Dallas). so, we were given the option of taking half a vacation day.

i, of course, took it.

after Hubbs got home from the gym, we got some lunch - went to the bookstore - saw a movie.

"Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest"

funny stuff. Johnny Depp never did much for me, but i did think he was an incredible actor. still do. and funny.

and Orlando Bloom? yum.

Kiera Knightly? Hubbs says yum. even though i read someplace that she swears worsen' a sailor.

but what makes me laugh is that movie theater owners complain that attendance is down. well, let's glance at the facts, shall we?

1) general admission on average here is anywhere from $9-11
2) matinees $8-9
3) snacks? sheesh. one of the "specials" was two medium drinks & a large popcorn for $14.

$14? gimme a break. we opted for an extra large bottle of water, small popcorn & a box of Raisinettes. that alone was $12.50.

this could be why attendance is down.

but considering how hot and humid it was yesterday (and will be till next week), i'd gladly have paid twice that, just to stay in the air conditioning.

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