Jul 24, 2006

playing hooky with the company's blessings!

so, to quote me when i called the Hubbs:
"clear out the hookers, honey; Mama's coming home!"

we started out this a.m. with our production site hardware (based out of Dallas) being down. first estimates to be back up was 10 Central time. then it was 11. next, an email was sent saying they didn't really know how long, it could be more hours.

and no one had an answer as to how long.

so - the Big Boss called in. told the supervisors that if people had vacation time, they could take a 1/2 day off. if they didn't, well...you're stuck. get ready to do some dusting.

ummmmm, no. i can do that at home. but at least at work i would be in the air conditioning.

so i opted for the 1/2 day.

it really works well, especially since this is Brendan's day off.

so clear out the whores. Mama's coming home.

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