Jul 12, 2006

for those that live in the East, i salute you

and not with a middle rigid digit.

granted, i live in California, the Nirvana of Good Weather. we have the occasional earthquake (Mother Nature having cramps, is what i call it), but for the most part, weather here is good.
hot in the summer, but good.

here i am in Philadelphia. highs have been in the upper 80s.

with 80% humidity.

now, as Cyn will remind us all, dry heat is better than humidty.

amen that sister.

see, a thunderstorm just moved through here. and with it, came a short, cloudburst. big heavy ass drops the size of, well...my ass.

hmmm...let's take 80% humidity and add rain!!!

nice joke. i ain't laughing.

this was 15 minutes ago. everything was soaked.

it's half dry now.

i leave the office in a few minutes.

it sucks to be me.

but on the bright side - Hubbs sent me a bouquet of flowers here in the office. my husband. he doesn't do things like that much any more.

he made me cry. the big lummox.

and the chick who brought them to me must think i'm crazy. i kept telling her they couldn't be for me. why? (and i don't believe i actually said this)
"my husband's too cheap."

tacky, tacky, tacky. but he doesn't do this. a wonderfully bright spot to an otherwise really hard, lonely, crappy week.

you rock, baby. i miss you. i can't wait to see you Friday.

the rest i will leave to your imagination. stay dry. stay cool.

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doodlebugmom said...

Awwww...what a sweetie to send you flowers!