Sep 30, 2005


Or, Confessions of an Obsessed Woman.

Went online again last night, looking for more info about the upcoming back surgery.

Like i've posted earlier, although it's been hotternhell here in So. Cal. (and the whole bloody state is about to burn up), the great thing about my vacation week is that i haven't taken any pain pills in almost four days.


That, my friends, is sweet.

Back to the obsession.

So i found a website that showed animation of the procedure. It was so amazing...especially the part where they brought out the "chompers" (i'm sure that's the proper medical term) and removed the part of the disk that's herniated.

What i don't get, is that most of the websites i've checked out, describe the surgery as outpatient. My neurosurgeon is keeping me overnight. I'm not complaining; i just wonder why. Different strokes for different folks, i guess.

Then in the mail yesterday, i got a jury duty summons.

Jury duty.


Before i got married, i lived in Long Beach. Every time i got called for jury duty (which was every year) i ALWAYS ended up going to downtown L.A. If you don't think driving that every day was fun...

Well, once the fine folks in Orange County found me, i've traveled from Newport to Santa Ana to Fullerton. At least Fullerton is closer to my home. But this time, i am a call in juror.

Only problem? I start 11/11. Surgery is 10/19. I don't go back to work at the earliest until 11/30.


So i've called & rescheduled for January.

Dang. I better be better by then.

Peace out.

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