Sep 10, 2005

Five things...

Just five.

Five things i'll bet you never knew about me. Then, after you read these, it's your turn.

1) i HATE getting magazines from the front of the rack. Any time i buy a magazine, i'll get it from the middle or back of rack. And if you ever want to torture me, start reading my brand new magazine BEFORE i get a chance to.

2) my favorite thing to do? Snuggle under flannel rag quilts made by my mom.

3) i was Queen of the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus. Two years in a row, when i was a kid. And one of the years, my seats for the circus was next to Mel Torme! I brought my younger cousins with me, and i remember them nagging the begeebers out of me to ask him for an autograph. And i, at the age of 10 or 11, remember trying to play it cool and kept saying, "no...let him enjoy the circus." Whatever. I was a pain, then too.
Well, as Queen, i was part of the circus parade, that circled the outside of the circus when i got back to my seat, Mr Torme said to me "I didn't know i was sitting next to a star," and smiled so graciously. I was thrilled! We even exchanged autographs

4) i have a square freckle. Yep, a square one. On the right side of my nose. My Grandmother LOVED to find it as i was growing up.

5) i love buttermilk.

Your turn!

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