Sep 20, 2005

California Dreamin'....

...on such a weird daaaaayyyyy

Ok so no one is gonna mistake me for either a Mama or a Papa. I can dream.

As any of you Southern Californians (and last night) was Totally Weird Weather. Well, weird for here, anyways.

Thunder. Lightning. Rain.

Really, no big thing.

Unless you live here in So. Cal.

Weather, real weather, is almost unheard of here. Hey, when you can be wearing shorts on most Christmas', weather just really isn't a priority. Or an inconvenience.

And in comparison to what's going on in New Orleans & now the Keys, this is nothing.

But people (especially where i work) totally freaked today. Every crash of thunder, especially the big ones, made everyone bob up like prairie dogs. It made me laugh after awhile.

I wonder what they would do if they had to live through Katrina.

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Kim said...

okay, I have that visual "bobbing up like prairie dogs" cute! I saw someones else post yesterday about all the storms over there. I think we are all seeming to get our share of weird weather. Here in the mich we have had a very hot hot summer. (no complaints from me though)