Sep 21, 2005

Just a few more days...

...and i'm on vacation for a whole week.

(see? even my cat is excited)

i originally had the week planned for Thanksgiving, but with the surgery, not sure how i'm gonna feel about a l-o-n-g road trip to Reno & my sister-in-law's.

At my work, for as long as i've been there, i get about 5 weeks off. It's a very good thing. Just a pain to carry it over to the next year & use it by June..or lose it.

So i've decided to take off time before the surgery & try to relax. I even talked the husband into taking an extra day so we can do something. Anything. San Diego. Mexico.
Hey, i'll even take a trip to the Morongo Casino in Palm Springs.

I'm channeling the Go-Go's now...Vacation's all i ever wanted.
A week of fun, scrapping & whatever.

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