Sep 19, 2005

30 Days Hath September...

and in exactly one month from day, hopefully, my back ordeal will be over. i'm scheduled for the microlumbar diskectomy @ 7:30am on 10/19. and while I'm thrilled beyond words at the thought of being pain-free, the thought of someone cutting into my spine....uuugggghhhhh.

i've been doing research on the surgery...takes about an hour, i could go home that day (but i know i won't). physical therapy possibly 3x a week. time off work: 6-8 weeks.

wow. never been off that long. it'll be weird (once i start feeling better) to be at home.

I'm scared. my mind is playing with all the "what ifs": what if I'm off longer...what if something goes wrong....what if i get an infection....

what if.

now logically, i know. i know what the odds are, and how good the outcome should be. this surgery has a 95% success rate. that's pretty good, i think.

it's just that, like the rest of you, i hate the unknown.

i just want it done.

and no more what if's

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