Sep 23, 2005

Just a few more hours

and i'll be right home to you.

(with many apologies to KISS & "Beth")

In roughly 9 3/4 hours, i will be on vacation.


No real plans. Husband is off Sunday & Monday normally. He's actually taken off Saturday so we can go to a BBQ thrown by dear friends of ours. What we may do afterwards is still up in the air..Temecula casino & winery? Puerto Nuevo, Mexico? San Diego?
Let's face it, closer may win. With gas prices the way they are now, even a closer trip could cost as much as a long trip.

In some ways, i'm really bummed. Having married a man who has travelled & loves to do so (goody for me!), i've travelled more in our marriage than in my entire life to that point. No kidding.

I've always looked forward to our vacations. We discuss, discuss, discuss. Final plans are made, along with reservations. And then in October, we're off for another week's adventure.

Not this year. Not with the surgery.

But no more surgery talk here.

I'm on vacation. See ya in a week.

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