Sep 22, 2005

irrevelant facts

1) i have a square freckle

2) i love baseball

3) i always wanted to be a writer

4) when i was very little, i wanted a younger brother or sister. i would re-invented myself as Tommy (or Valerie. depended on my mood)

5) i'm 43. i still love PopTarts, Lucky Charms & Spaghetti-O's

6) my favorite candy bar EVER was a Marathon bar , it was a foot long braded chocolate covered dee-lite

7) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation & Mythbusters are two of my favorite shows

8) as a kid, i won a contest for two years in a row that made me Queen of the Circus

9) as Queen of said circus, i met Mel Torme

10) Brendan & i were each contestants on To Tell The Truth. we both fooled most everyone

11) as a frustrated writer, i would create screenplays. i probably still have them in storage

12) i took ballet lessons for about 5 years, and piano lessons for 13 years

13) still can't dance, don't play well

14) i HATE reality TV (i know, i'm weird)

15) i love reading

16) i love scrapbooking

17) i still enjoy counted cross stitch (even though i scrap more)

18) i have had an annual pass for Disneyland for most of my 30's. i just renewed it this year after a (almost) 3 year absence

19) i met both my best friend & my husband at Disneyland (actually, Husband & i had our first date..a BLIND Disneyland)

20) i want to be Jimmy Buffet. i want to live on an island & have my life be one long vacation.

21) on my 21st birthday, i DID NOT GET CARDED. first time to buy legal beer, and didn't get carded. dang.

22) in high school i was listed in Who's Who Among American High School Students

23) i have 5 newphews, 4 neices, 1 each great newphew & neice (this with no blood siblings)

24) i had 10 pen pals in 6th grade

25) when i finally met a pen pal, i got so excited i fainted

26) i love James Bond movies

27) i would love to be a hermit (with some access to shopping, scrapbook stores, and beer)

28) at 11, i cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself from scratch

28) i didn't travel outside of California until after i got married

29) in high school, i was a staff writer for the newspaper for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

30) i can't wait to visit Hawaii

31) as a kid, i practically had every Barbie & Barbie product known to man (or girl) kind

32) Your Message Here

33) favorite ice cream ever: Haagen Daas vanilla

34) i have been in love with Donny Osmond since i was 12 (my husband knows. he doesn't care)

35) my age when we got married

36) my current favorite place on the planet is Catalina Island

37) favorite color: colbolt blue

38) my favorite jewelry is silver

39) favorite things to wear: capris & tees

40) when i got my dream car...a Blazer (cuz i can't afford a BMW 325i)

41) the age when i realized i would never get pregnant

42) i also love Alton Brown of Good Eats

43) my best age right now. (sorry, Oprah)

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