Sep 5, 2005

Just another Labor Day...'s Labor Day & the beginning of my very own blog. Labor Day is a good excuse to have a bbq, drink too much beer (like we need an excuse, right?), and watch bookoos of Labor Day Marathons on TV. Right now, it's CSI on Spike that has my attention.

CSI. I love this show. One of the few TV shows i really like. Why? It is somewhat of an intellectual show i suppose...but i'm anything BUT an intellectual. And i cannot STAND reality TV. American Idol, Big Brother, name it, i don't watch 'em. Someone said in the paper that reality TV is for those who don't have a life. Don't know if i believe that...but i know i don't like 'em. So i don't watch 'em. If i want reality..harsh reality...i'll turn on the news and see the latest reality show...Katrina.

So what does any of this have to do with Labor Day? Labor Day, besides being excuses for bbq, beer, etc. is the last hurrah of Summer. It reminds me of being a kid and knowing that school was starting. Sadness mixed with gladness. I was ready to get back into a routine of school (but i would never EVER tell my mom that!), see my friends and (horrors!) learn something.

But i'm not a kid anymore. Maybe that's what makes me sad about Labor Day - that i'm not a kid, and there is no more summer vacation. THIS is reality.

Or maybe i just miss getting a new box of Crayolas every year.

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