Sep 17, 2005

it's too bloody early

i really need to get a wiggle on...gotta be at work @ 6 & haven't showered.

and although i HATE getting up early, there's something so soothing about being up @ 4:30 on a Saturday, (which is when i got up) and no one else is up. the entire complex is silent. makes me feel like i'm the only one here...which is a pretty good feeling.

which brings me to my desert island theory.

the more i see of "society" here in southern California, the more i want my own desert island. or my own mountain.

oh sure, i'd miss people....eventually. but i just get tired of it all, and of "them" out there, i guess.

it's one of the things i do like about B's current shift...i get lots of "me" time.

nice, nice, nice.

but now, it's off to work & deal with "them."


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