Sep 13, 2005

You Made Me Love You...

Just a quick one - it's a work morning.

It's Christmas 2002, and Brendan & i are in Reno for the holidays at my sister in law's. Maureen is a Creative Memories consultant, and had made noises that she was going to give me some scrapbooking supplies.

Let's make this clear: i never wanted to scrapbook. I did counted cross stitch, and that was enough. I didn't want or need to do this.

So, by the time we left Reno, i had about $200 of supplies. Maureen had also taken me to the local scrapbook store, Treasured Memories and i (reluctenly) bought some Disney scrapbook paper & stickers (B & i had gone to Disney World in October). Maureen bought me a magazine Creating Keepsakes. I promised to read it on the flight home to California, but i really felt bad about everything she had give me.

I wasn't interested in scrapbooking.

Read the magazine. I thought it was cool, but i wasn't even close to being that talented (note: still aren't!). But i was beginning to see how i could maybe adapt the layouts to my limited ability. I bought more paper. More stickers. Another magazine. More, more, more.

It's been almost three years now. I've completed four 12x12 family albums, a childhood album for Brendan and a vacation album for a good friend & his wife. I have more paper than i even care to admit, ribbons & fibers, some stickers (not a lot, though!), lots of pens, album pages & page protectors.

Maureen introduced me to a new love. I didn't want to do it. But i'm sooo glad she did!

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