Sep 18, 2005

i need a nap.

can't though.

one of my (many) "things", is if i fall asleep after 3pm, i can't sleep at night.

and i'm not sleeping all that great at night, either. too much stress about the back surgery (four weeks and one day and counting). i know it's a good thing, and i'll be better off afterwards, but just getting here....mercy, mercy, mercy.

but today is different. i'm wiped out. up too late (didn't get home till after 1am...that' LATE for me!). went with some girlfriends to the Martini Blues, a dinner/bar/place - two stages. we have a contractor at work in a band, so we checked them out. you can, too....The Undecided in a word: they ROCKED! Deborah is the lead singer (and our contractor)...her voice is what would happen if Bonnie Raitt & Melissa Ethridge had a love child. sooooooooo soulful. gritty. but tender & longing when needed.

i'm a baby. i was up way too late. i like my sleep.

but it was fun hanging out with my friends. it was way cool listening to a band crank out some tasty tunes.

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