Sep 9, 2005


Well, for most of us. I'm scheduled to work tomorrow from 6am-12noon. AND i'm bringing in the donuts. **sigh**

Don't get me wrong - i really enjoy my job and (most) of the people i work with. I'm just a big baby & i like my sleep. I like sleeping in, too (when my body allows it).

Today is the first real day of the Husband's new job. He'll be working about 40 minutes from our home, Tuesday-Saturday. The one good thing is that i'll get to spend some time with him on Sunday, as he's sleeping when i get up in the a.m. & gone when i get home in the afternoon.
Am i married? Not sure, but i always like it when he snuggles next to me in bed when he gets home (even if it does wake me up and i'm SO grouchy when i get awakened before my time).

Last night, i had two moments that instantly turned me into a version of my own blithering idiot 13 year old self. I was starting to work on a scrapbooking layout of the Donny Osmond (yes Donny Osmond. i'll give you a moment to get over it. done? OK, moving on) concert i went to last June. He just became a grandpa, which made me feel old again, but i just kept looking at my pictures & went back to being 13 and SO in love.

Then i decided to check in on the Creating Keepsakes message board (check it out: just to see what's been going on. Seems that lately there've been some nasty ladies posting smack (am i allowed to say that at my age?) about other members...just generally being a pack of hens. Anyways, someone had posted that Cathy Zielske, a scrapper who's style & journaling i LOVE, and who earlier this week had decided to take her blogsite down ( changed her mind because of all the positive emails she'd received, begging her not to do this thing. So, i did a total 13 year old girl thing...i wrote her a fan e/mail.

Nothing wonderful...just how much she inspires me in the feeble attempts i give scrapbooking. I want to be better, and most importantly, i want my journaling to be like hers...when someone reads my jouraling in a layout, i want them to feel the emotions i'm trying to convey. Cathy's journaling does that for me.

So, i wrote her. Sent the email. Tried working more on the Donny (stop laughing!) layout. Then surprisingly, the Husband came home WAY early from work. I got to share some time with him, then decided on a whim, to check my email one more time.

You've Got Mail.

From Catheryn Zielske.


I am one again a blithering idiot, a complete groupie. She made a few comments about my last post & the whole infertility thing. And here's the kicker (and i quote):

" p.s you have a beautiful "voice" in your writing. "


Wow-wow-wow-wow. I want to believe, but as with most people, the self esteem sometimes is in the toilet. But this...this is a much needed boost. Such simple words and yet they completely changed my outlook...all in a matter of minutes.

I know i'm not there with journaling, or any of my writing for that matter. I need to be better. I need to have people feel what i feel, whether it's anger, laughter or tears.

Even if it's me feeling like a 13 year old kid again.

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cassmummy said...

It's true, I was sitting here reading your blogg, and was moved by your fertility post, I understand the pain and frustration of having problems conceiving. You do have a great "voice"..
Thanks for sharing.