Sep 10, 2005

One More Thing...

I had dinner tonight with one of my best friends & her two kids. Brendan even drove up from work to join us in Rancho Cucamonga. My friend, Kristie, is (along with her mom) responsible for Brendan & i meeting and eventually marrying.

So, here i am, driving home on the 10 freeway, thinking how blessed i am.

And what a great life i have.

I have been blessed beyond measure. And i want to share some of them with you.

* i have a wonderful mom. (and yeah, my stepdad is pretty cool, too)

* my sister in law & i rock! we're so close, that she's told me if the worst happened & Brendan & i divorced, she still want me as part of her & her kids' lifes. how cool is that?

* my husband is the kindest, sweetest, bestest friend i have.

* i once met Mel Torme (see previous blog)

* both Brendan & i were contestants on the TV show To Tell The Truth. Brendan fooled the entire panel into thinking he was a casket salesman. i was a world-champion hog caller and fooled three of the four panelists, but i got the audience vote. We each came home with $1000.. good vacation that year!

* i've seen the Dooby Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl.

* in both my junior & senior years of high school, i was voted into Who's Who Among American High School Students.(STILL not sure how that happened!)

* i have friends who love & laugh with me (and sometimes at me) and my foilables. i would go through the gates of hell for these people (and you know who you are!). i believe they would do the same for me.

It's really an ordinary life. But it's been blessed with extraordinary people.

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