Sep 7, 2005

just another day....

I guess.

While I am so full of sadness for those in the Gulf Coast, it really pisses me off that people like W & Sean Penn are trying to use this as a possible photo op. I mean, come on, Sean...who do you think you're kidding? Charity begins at home - so give till it hurts...then give some more.

Heard someone on the radio today talking about how he & his wife got divorced. Didn't get into specifics, but it seemed to me that after he got transferred to Texas from San Diego (yep, he's in the Navy), the Wife said, "Oh by the way - I don't love you anymore. Here's the papers." Yet another thing that pisses me off. It's women like her that give the rest of us a really bad name.

Back surgery date is coming up...well, OK - so it's coming up in seven weeks, but I'm telling you, it's consuming my waking moments...and some of my sleeping ones, too. Dreamed the other night that the surgery was a bust...sorry,'re gonna walk like Festus from Gunsmoke for the rest of your life. (don't know Gunsmoke? turn on TV Land; they show it all the time)

Time for me to go to bed. I'm dreaming of a world where poverty is abolished, celebrities use their, well...celebrity for the good of others, not their own P.R., chicks do right by the people in their lives and this bloody surgery is done.

Or better yet, where we need no use of rants, raves & discussions of everything wrong in this world.

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